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A buried existence - Ferocity

Absurde Universe - Habeas Corpus

Beyond Murder - Beyon Murder

Corma Lethe - In Absence

Craven Idol - Towards escalation

Disease Illusion - After the storm

Dunkelnacht - Revelatio

Eyes Of Solitude - Canto III

Glacial Fear - EQUILIBRIUM Part.1

Horrid - Sacrilegious Fornicatio

Jason Netherton - Profondo Estremo

Mass Infection - For i am genocide

Metal Valley Open Air - Rossiglione (Genova)

Nacom - Crawling human souls

Psychomancer - Inject the worms

Right to the void - Kingdom of Vanity

Story of Jade - The damned next door

The way of purity - Biteback

Will O Wisp - Mot