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7h target - Psy slam damage

Anomalistic -

Brutal metal italiano_ Necrass+Zora+Epidemik - Brutal metal italiano_ Necrass+Zora+Epidemik

Cadavoracity - Remnants of chaotic Apogee

Cerebral Paralysis - Cyrcles of Evisceration

Embryonic Depravity - “Constrained By The Miscarriage Of Conquest”

Female nose breaker - Catalogue of cruelty

Gutrot/Syphilic - Portopotty Pervert

Illinois Love Carnage - Rocking Buffalo

Illinois Love Carnage - Slam Syndacate

Natrium - Elegy for the flash

Revulsed - Infernal Atrocity

Septycal Gorge - Erase the insignifican

Sickening - The beyond

Sudden of Death - Injection of hate

Unbirth + Recreant - Aspire to deviance

Zora - Scream your hate